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In this article we are going to discuss Steve “The Rat” Williams the world famous gambler, professional Ringologist and self proclaimed “Gambling Guru”. In the beginning of his life he was a football fan and later on changed his mind and got into playing poker. He describes his gambling addiction as the result of being “depressed as a vegetable”. His gambling later on resulted in him losing a considerable amount of money that was to be repaid in the form of “charity”. Over the years he became a well-known figure and his name was known worldwide.

I know Steve since he introduced me to his book “acity” a few years ago. I have to admit that I was sceptical at first about a man who called himself a “Poker Millionaire” and who described himself as a multimillionaire. But when I got to read some of his stories about playing in back rooms and winning loads of money, I realised that he was a winner and that I too could learn from him. So I gave him my money and started learning. Needless to say it was very hard work but at the end of the day it was very rewarding.

Now as a professional Poker player I do occasionally get down on my hands and knees, just like Steve did at one point in his life. The only difference is that I am a lot more careful about what games I choose to play and how much I spend. I know that is the key to making a living out of Poker. I also know that I am not as likely to lose as he was. I do not play for fun as much as I used to and even now when I am bluffing I am careful not to let anyone know that I am not playing for fun.

One thing I have found over time is that when I am playing Bingo or other such games, that I tend to use my brain rather than my heart. As I say, my brain and not my heart. As I have said many times before, when I play Bingo I tend to think about who I am playing against and what cards I have to get them out with. Then I make my mind up as to what I am going to do and usually do quite well.

I have never though of what I would have done if I won the game. I don’t think I could have cared less. I know there are some games that I will pass over, I will even pass over a game that my boss wants me to play. Why? Well, I know I will be happier playing something I will enjoy rather than a game that I know will kill me.

Another thing I have found is that when I am playing a game that I really like, I am more attentive. In other words I am more awake. I can tell you that I don’t just zone in and play when I feel like it. Now you might be saying that I should stop playing because I am not getting my job done. You may be right, but when I want to be productive I will usually pick up and play again.

What does Steve play? He does whatever it takes to win, he is not concerned with what other people think of him, he knows that if he loses he will feel bad about it, but he is not going to worry about it. He plays what he enjoys the most, whatever it is that he thinks will make him happy.

In closing I would like to say that anyone that thinks they know what a person that plays in a casino, or any other game for that matter, is. Be forewarned that they are very clever and know how to cover their tracks. That is why they are here. If you ever wish to find out what a person does when they are not at the computer, or at work, or in a casino read up on it first hand, then do so. Otherwise you may find yourself spending your money on an online game that you did not want.

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